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The Ask:

Bien Sur Studio is a brand strategy studio that had been working for several years under the radar. As a referral based business, the studio had no website or official portfolio.


Additionally the group offered a range of services, but had questions around how to position and package everything they did in a cohesive way.

The Answer:
We sought to officially "launch" Bien Sur Studio's web presence by helping them distill their offerings into a clear positioning statement. From there we'd support the development of a logo and brand photography while playing an active role in the website development process.  

The Deliverables: brand strategy, brand positioning, consultation around company brand identity launch, copywriting, consultation on website development, collaboration with all designers and photographers. 

Bien Sur Studio - Mock Up.jpg

Some Eye Candy:


Brand Strategy:

Target Customers

Market Opportunity

Elevator pitch

Brand Values

Content Strategy

Brand Words & Phrases

Founder Strategy

Bein Sur - 1.jpeg
Bien Sur - 3.jpeg
Bien Sur - 4.jpeg
Bien Sur - 6.jpeg

New Digital Home:

Expanding Bien Sur Studio's positioning to 'lifestyle brands' allowed the firm to expand just beyond their expertise in wine and spirits. 

Additionally, copywriting centered on highlighting Principal, Jennifer Kimpe's, strategic lens fused with her whimsical side.

Finally, we brought language to the packages we'd finalized in the strategy stage, making it easier for clients to purchase with the firm.

Project Credits: 

Brand Strategy & Positioning: Jenni Heffernan Brown

Art Direction: Jennifer Kimpe at Bien Sur Studio

Photography: Sophia Mavrides at Hi5 Studio with photo selection support from Jenni Heffernan Brown

Brand Identity Suite: Sophia Mavrides at Hi5 Studio

Copywriting and Content Strategy: Jenni Heffernan Brown

Website Development & Design: Sophia Mavrides at Hi5 Studio with project management and light oversight from Jenni Heffernan Brown 

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